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Thread: TCP/IP Explained

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    TCP/IP Explained

    hi guys
    lookin for some cool TCP/IP tutorials
    i have one in my site
    it's my original work
    it's really newbie-friendly it covers the basics of the protocol suite
    click here to download
    the tutorial

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    click here to download
    It sure is better if you have uploaded the zip file here for the tutorial which is yours rather than linking it to other forums. I guessed this had been posted yesterday and somebody had told you about it. And again, the zip file link from that forum is broken.

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    sorry for that

    hey hey really sorry for that
    i didn't notice the broken link
    it is now workin well and good
    this is my first tutorial so please excuse me

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    Why don't you jsut post the entire thing here rather than using a zip?
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    To add to what has already been said...this could be construed as site-pimping...I see you are the site administrator over there and that you joined feb of this year and your membership has 5 members showing...which probably means it's a new site looking for members...instead of pimping why not just ask a mod if it would be OK to make a link to your site?


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    We accept Original Tutorials. However, I wouldn't brag about copying Ankit Fadia's work. Unless that's who you are?
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    I began smelling a rat at the first post. Now it smells like a dead rat with some rotting fish atop it. If you're really Ankit Fadia, I require proof and I'm sure I'll be balanced. Otherwise, enjoy the reds.

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