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Thread: yahoo login...

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    yahoo login...

    frnds i need ur help....
    yesteday when i login into my yahoomail account...
    n it kept me showing again again same "server not found"
    error again and again..
    bt apart from the usual stuff i found some other things too..
    1)there is problem only with the mail account web page and not with any other website..
    2)the url was changed to this:
    from which i can interpret that the hash function used is md5.
    n the passwd field is showing the hash output..
    which is totaly insecure..
    well i don't understand what it is..
    perhaps u guys can tell me if its somekind of trojan of any other thing..

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    soory ppl.
    there was a mistake in that letter the url was changed to this url,
    url =http://us.rd.yahoo.com/reg/login0/no_suli/login/us/ym/*http://login.yahoo.com/config/login?...hash=1&.md5=1.
    which appears when u click on the url given in my first post ...

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    theres one thing i have to say, yahoo blows. use gmail.....you need an invite i will give you one or a bunch of these guys will. as for messenger get yahelite for it has great spam blocking. yahoo is becoming outdated like windows....

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    yahoo is becoming outdated like windows....
    Mine is pretty updated. Hm you must be running Windows 3.1 ?
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    [I hope this piece of sticky matter steaming off my pate matters...]

    I experienced that same problem last year but did not pursue the issue with regard to logging in since I had more better things to do (and I presumed it was either the Yahoo server or the gateway to it that was problematic then). Anyway, I was running three (3) separately launched MSIE way back then (under a cable server).

    In another instance, on a separate account, I encountered the error report saying: "Password reset by a peer" that I interpreted to mean that my email account was accessed and the password changed by someone else or someone else was already logged-in on that account, hence I couldn't access what was supposed to be legitimately mine.

    The last time I encountered this problem was early January this year when I created a new account whose password was later tampered. I was able to reaccess the account (by recovering the current password using the personal identifier data) and saw the password split right in the middle (alphanumeric combination, to wit) and the word "spam" inserted right thereto!

    In all three cases, I decided to simply abandon the accounts and let them expire to electronic oblivion. But I still stick to Yahoo mail (easier to reactivate, less discriminating with regard to executable files sent as attachments) despite the 250MB limit (compared to gmail's 1GB--I was invited to that as well except that it blocks executable files sent as attachments) and, after all, Yahoo Mail has announced that it will be implementing the 1GB storage capacity by May.

    The best move is that, when you encounter problems with regard to email account log-ins, create a new one and--hopefully, you have a list of them--notify your correspondents regarding the change of account. I know that this creates a lot of electronic trash for the account servers but given the account-dormancy rule implemented (for Hotmail, it's 30 days of inactivity), the clearance system works... I suppose it's just trying to stay in touch with correspondents that matters most; unless the supposed to be "treasured" correspondences were similarly abandoned in creating a new one.

    One thing that keeps me off-balanced (and blame sudden attacks of IT paranoia in this regard) is the availability of "Flag/Mark(?) as Unread" option in Yahoo that makes it convenient for one who has access to you account to snoop ahead of you then simply reset the message as "unread" and you are none the wiser.

    - Goitz
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    Well,it seems to be working now?

    The first link takes me to what I assume to be the regular login screen, and the second to a "wrong password" screen.

    How far can you get before you get the "server not found" error?

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