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Thread: Mozilla Firefox 1.0.3 Released

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    Mozilla Firefox 1.0.3 Released

    Mozilla Firefox 1.0.3 was Released released. Fixes several security security flaws. Release notes. Also, now we can use the autoupdate feature without worrying that there will be two uninstal icons (one for 1.0.3 and one for the older version!) They fixed this bug!

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    yeah i noticed when i updated mine this morning.
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    Errr, wonder why I did not noticed Firefox update in my box lately today.

    Well, just downloaded it and so far, 1.0.3 is quite OK here. Need to check the last vulnerabilities to be sure it's gone ... *the javascript issues were solved alright! Cheers!

    Thanks for the notice, xierox!

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    Installed the update over 1.0.2 with no problems at all. It may just be me but it seems to work much better now. I am running Win 2K Pro.
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