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Thread: Sharing a printer Problem..

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    Sharing a printer Problem..

    Ok, I have an old 98 box that is connected to my printer and i just bout a laptop with wireless capabilities, i also bought a wireless router.. It is set up so that i can get on the net with my laptop from anywhere in my house. My question is, i want to share the printer so that i can print from my laptop without having to connect it directly. Do i have to buy another wireless card to put in my old machine that is connected to my printer and then add them all to a network or can i just configure it so that i can print without buying anything else?

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    Basically, it goes like this:

    Setup computer with printer and allow printer to be shared.
    Setup laptop and computer with similar IP address and same network name
    Reboot both machines.
    Get the laptop to see the computer's files.

    but that information is so generic as to be practically worthless.

    so to save my fingers over a long typing session, Just read the following three articles.




    They will tell you everything you need to know on how to setup a Win98 network and then share a printer.
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    thank you

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