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Thread: Linux Flowchart Software

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    Linux Flowchart Software

    Is there a good Microsoft Visio-ish program for linux? I'm currently in a programming class and its basically an all Windows shop at my level. I recieved a copy of Visio with one of my textbooks but I'm running FC3 at home. I've done some searches for Linux Flowcharting software but all i'm finding is windows shareware flowchart software. Anybody out there find a decent flowcharting software? I have crossover office running on my machine, but I'm not really interested in using Visio. Is there anything decent out there that anyone's used?

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    Dia and xfig are the only charting-ish programs i know of and have used. Never really had a need for flowcharts though. Either the code is simple to hack or it's too large to diagram effectively.

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    TeamFlow - Team-based Process Mapping and Flowcharting Software

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    I have used Kivio a couple of times..

    Works great..
    Check out some screenshots!
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    Awesome, thanks for all the suggestions guys. I personally hate flowcharts, but since i'm in one of the basics classes their making me do them. I agree with FlamingRain on the idea of flowcharts. I'm gonna give these a whirl.
    Thanks for the help.

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