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Thread: Teenagers struggle with privacy, security issues

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    Teenagers struggle with privacy, security issues


    A panel of teenagers speaking at the Computers, Freedom and Privacy Conference told attendees on Friday that they are far more in tune with technology than their parents and have come to understand the issues of security and privacy on the Internet largely without any guidance from educators or their parents.
    "My mom has blocked the TV, the computer and I'm not allowed to listen to a lot of radio stations right now," said Elizabeth. "It is a very bizarre experience for me. I really feel like she doesn't trust me anymore. She hasn't demanded my password, but I know that she knows it, and I'm pretty sure she has gone onto my computer."
    Sounds like this mom has lost it. She's trying to isolate her daughter from everything but her daughter will go off to college soon then what? I guess mom will go with her. You'd think she'd want her daughter to know how to deal with things instead of sticking her head in the sand. I think a lot of parents don't understand what's going on but don't want to ask for help.

    My kids are young so I have a few years, any parents of teens want to tackle this one?
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    Sorry I am having trouble seeing the link between:
    A teenagers knowledge of computer Security
    and a parents setting of limits in their household..

    Computer security is a social issue.. PArents relationship with their children is a social issue.. ok ther is the link..
    Childeren comment: Everyone else is doing it/have one (what ever)
    PArents: If all your friends were shooting themselves in the head.. would you..

    Before a person can appreciat the "Freedoms of Society" and use their "Rights" they Need to be aware of and understand their responsabilities.
    A Parent who loves their childeren, will set limits to help the child understand these things..
    You could argue that you need to experience many things to learn..
    But If a parent sets No Limits.. what then..
    and When should a parent stop setting limits on their children
    And what experiences are truley helpful in life.. that is have long term positive results rather than extreem negitive results?
    We have laws on Pornography, especially child porn, in our society (Australia in the spot light), But under law a parent can not restrict what material the child reads AT ANY AGE, because of the need for a child to learn.. this is include child pornography.. what a ****tard system.
    It is one thing to know a persons View on a subject..it is completly different to see it in action..
    many ppl complain about this and that.. very few. actualy do something.

    I have a few questions for Elizabeth:
    Have you DISCUSSED your thoughts on this with your Mother?, I say discussed.. not demanded your view,
    The "Freedoms" that your missing, these are ones that ALL your friends have, and ALL your friends have careing parents?

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