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Thread: Enterprise Firewalls

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    Enterprise Firewalls

    We're starting to look into a replacement for our current firewalls. We're using borderware appliances right now because we need to have an EAL 4 certified firewall for some functions.

    Borderware are discontinuing support for our gear in the next year or 2 and the support company for this country is dissociating from Borderware soon, we'll still be supported but it will be direct with Canada.

    We'll need at least 4 new appliances 1 of which needs to be EAL4+.

    So looking ahead what companies have produced enterprise class firewalls that have impressed you? Or have you seen any promising technologies in the end stages of develpment.

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    Checkpoint FW-1 and Cisco PIX are probably the most used.. Both have their pros and cons.
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    You cant go wrong with Cisco PIX, but an interesting alternative to look at is the Fortinet Fortigate. They have a a variety of firewall appliances for anyone from SOHO to ISP. What makes them cool, IMO, is that they also perform real-time virus scanning and IDS. Check out their enterprise line here http://www.fortinet.com/products/enterprise.html


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