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Thread: RDC and Macs

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    I take it the server is in application mode then?

    This being the case it does explain why not having the licensing service running may be keeping the Mac off.... It isn't licensed. The Win2k and XP Pro(?) machines are by their nature.... Your Mac probably isn't and will probably require the purchase of a license and entering that licanse into the licensing service..... have the user buy it and slap him for being so silly as to purchase a machine that is non-native to your environment and then expect you to jump through hoops to make it work for them..... Alternatively, smile sweetly as you tell them that under the amendment to the AUP the IT department no longer supports anything but windows products and they need to call Mac....
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    Indeed it is an application server, and with futher looking, I've found that the DC does have terminal services licensing available, and you were right, the Mac doesn't have one.

    There is a workaround on Windows machines. An unlicensed Windows machine will use a 90-day license then drop it after the time's up. You can make a change in the registry to reset that and refresh your license for free every 90 days (is that even legal?). So if that's legal, is there a way to do the same on a Mac?

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    No, thats not legal, unless you possess the CAL's for the machines.. and just don't have them installed? I would look more into getting the CALs for the machines added than to find a way around it. I thought 2000/XP machines came with CAL's though, which would mean you would only need them for any MACs or 9x machines.

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    Heh, get this.

    Boss swears up and down that we purchased the CALs, but they were "eaten" and gone forever. Go fig. So, my orders are to give up on the Mac. Wierd stuff eh?

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