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Thread: RDC and Macs

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    Could it be the server thinks there's a licensing issue? That's what I've suspected, which is why I was thinking perhaps a registry change somewhere would refresh it and allow it to connect.
    What makes you think it's a licensing issue? Event viewer logs showing anything?
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    Just a wild guess of sorts from this:

    the maximum number of connections was exceeded
    I have found that W2k servers tend to be funny about that sometimes. I've had W2k laptops give errors before that their license to connect to the server had gone out, though no licenses had been used up. Usually something like a registry fix did the trick. Evidently this one on the Mac was like a 30-day license or something of the sort, according to the user.

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    I would think it would just plain flat out tell you if the client license had expired. As far as the server goes, if other machines connect, it hasn't expired. Do you have any XP Pro machines there? Turn on RDP and try to connect to them. This will help you narrow down if it is a client or server issue.

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    Yeah, the XP Pro machines are doing fine.

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    What I meant was turn on the ability for the MAC to connect to one of the XP machines temporarily. This can be done by right clicking mycomputer and going to properties. Then click the remote tab and turn on remote desktop.

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    Gotcha. The other laptops are XP, but the terminal server is W2k. Sorry, should've made that clearer. So the W2k doesn't have that option under My Computer properties as it appears in XP, but I checked services, and everything required seems to be running...but one thing catches my attention.

    Terminal Services Licensing service is disabled. Could that be the culprit I wonder?

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    Terminal Services Licensing service is disabled. Could that be the culprit I wonder?
    Terminal services allows for two concurrent _administrative_ connections per Windows 2000, (and I am guessing 2003), server. However, if you have set the server to Application mode then the game changes a little. If you are using a Win2k or XP Pro machine to connect then the TS license is built in to the client. If you are using Win9X or other system then a license needs to be purchased, (typically $30, but probably cheaper now).

    Now, here's the problem.... TS Licensing can be a PITA. It screws things up sometimes and boxes that are "technically" licensed, (a Win2k box for example), will take a license. Then the box that actually needs the license can't have it.... M$ doesn't care in the TS licensing app if you uninstall TS and format the box that has "stolen" the license. It also won't give up that license unless you jump through a few hoops... One of my employees knows the "short" way but first time around you have to call M$ IIRC.

    So, in short, , it seems like your XP boxes are connecting correctly because they are attaching to the _administrative_ "socket", (for terminology's sake), but the Mac isn't able to because it requires the license.... The problem you might have is that if you enable the license server and enter a valid license you might get it stolen by a WinX box if you aren't careful....

    Be scared of TS licensing... Be very scared....

    Run two XP boxes simultaneously connecting to the TS server and then try a third... You _should_ be denied access from the third XP box. Then you have an issue if you want to use this as an application server.
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    Run two XP boxes simultaneously connecting to the TS server and then try a third... You _should_ be denied access from the third XP box.
    What about W2k Pro client machines? The terminal server usually has anywhere from 10+ clients connected to it simultaneously without any problems, including W2k and XP machines alike (but usually mostly W2k...as only our laptops, two new desktops, and employees connecting from home have XP).

    But I can indeed connect three XP clients simultaneously.

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    He's running TS, and thus can have more than the 2 admin connections.

    AK, try to connect from the MAC to an XP machine. This will check to see if the MAC client is working correctly. You do this in by going to the XP machine and doing the instructions I posted earlier. Then on the MAC use the IP of the XP machine and see if you can remotely connect to it.

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    Ok, it does work on the test XP machine.

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