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Thread: RH Linux: sharing files to Windows?

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    RH Linux: sharing files to Windows?

    Ola -

    Being newer to Linux, I am unsure the best way to share files between Linux and Windows. Is there a better or best way? I was thinking SAMBA - but that is riddled with security vulnerabilities I had thought. I am also going to Google it up, but just thought to ask in case I get on the wrong path; I will also post anything worthwhile that I dig up.


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    Are you talking about across a network?

    Samba would work fine.
    Keep up with the patches and configure it properly and you shouldn't have to worry about it.

    When you say "riddled with security vulnerabilities"... I'm sure they've been patched. Though, you may want to check up on that. With such widespred use of Samba... I doubt that they'd let their vulnerabilities go unpatched for long.

    When I was using linux as my server, I used samba.

    NFS? There are several NFS clients out there for windows...


    Are you talking about across partitions?

    Create a fat32 partition large enough and copy your files to the fat32 partition. When you boot into the other operating system, mount or browse to that parittion.

    There are packages/programs for both windows and linux that will allow you to read linux file systems from linux and read ntfs filesystems from linux. Though, most of what I've seen is read only.

    Even a flash drive would work... or cd or <insert other media here>
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    On an Intranet, Samba is better. its easy to install, easy to maintain and "plug and play" to Windows network
    But if you are talking about Internet, forget it.
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    Thanks for the responses.

    Also for this case, I would be sharing within the Intranet. Turns out we already had Samba on the box - DOH! While I was checking things out, one of our Linux SMEs used this on RH to share:

    mount -t smbfs -o username=xxxxxx/[domain],password=xxxxx //xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/share /mnt

    Looks to be working.

    NFS another good idea within the Intranet - thanks!

    Flash drive - tried - must not have the right driver - cuz it barfed.

    I am also checking out some other tools I found and will post if I find something worth a hoot. Thanks again all!

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    Just make sure you read through all the man pages ( including smb.conf, smbpasswd, testparm )

    You did not say what version of RH you are using but I have found some of the stock installed smb.conf files leave out options which could help tighten it up a bit ( like " bind interfaces only " ).
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    On an intranet samba should be fine, as long as your shares are configured correctly, prehaps by either restricting the ip's that are allowed to connect to shares or using share authentitication with a different username and password to the rest of your machines.

    As for your flash drive format it again in windows using a fat file system and you should have no problems using it on both pc's, my flash drive works like a charm on Fedora Core 2, I have set it to auto mount when ever i plug it in and have no problems loading it on any of my windows boxes, you should also check your /etc/fstab and make sure there is an entry along the lines of:

    /dev/sda1 /mnt/flash auto user,noauto,kudzu 0 0

    Hope this helps.

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    Update: we got the file sharing to work with Samba, but right now I working away from our lab, but when I get back, I will update on the version of RH we are using, make sure I read the man pages recommended and I will try the flash drive re-format.

    Thanks much for all your help everyone! I appreciate it!

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