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Thread: can you format a apple computer to be windows or ...

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    can you format a apple computer to be windows or ...

    I was wondering if you can you format a apple computer to be windows or if there is a reliable windows emulator for the mac that you can use to run all the windows games and programs. I would just get a pc but I can get a good wholesale price for a brand new apple computer. Do they play the newer games well to?

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    apples normal use a motorola processor, that execute some kind of modern 68000-type assembly language.

    you can get versions of linux that will run off apple hardware, yellow dog comes to mind.

    of course, OS X ( pronounced Oh Ess Ten) and OS X Tiger, both version 10.4 ship april 29th, are UNIX-based (based on a modded BSD kernel i think). this means that you should be able to compile emulators like wine and cedega, provided you have the correct UNIX tools and libraries, to emulate your windows games. unfortunately, not all games will be surported, though new titles are added to the "working" list on an ongoing basis.

    also, i've little experience with modern apples , so i don't speak from experience, just off the top of my head. i'm not sure about native support for games with apple.

    if you want the computer mainly for games, you should probably get a PC, to make things less complicated.
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