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    Question Email filtering


    I have a client asking for spam and virus filtering for his emails. He is using email servers from a company that does not provide these services. He does not want to change his provider.

    Are there software tools that I can put in between his outlook and email provider that can provide spam and virus based filtering. He has few pop-accounts and uses MS outlook to connect to them.

    Basically the idea is that the messages will come to the server, and the filtering will take place while trying to retrieve the messages through POP at the clients end.

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    I think Norton have product that does antispam and antivirus all in one box. Many antivirus program does that now. If i am not wrong, Panda antivirus too. If your client is using thunder bird, he can train thunderbird to recognize what is spam and what is not.

    Else, you will have to consider installing a email gateway for your client. Which cost a lot more.
    Hope this helps.

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    First of all ...

    I think this question might been answered before in this forum ... have you searched ??

    Secondly ... I searched through Google for tools against spam and it took me about 2 second to find these links :

    Link 1 , Link 2 .

    Offcourse there are many , many more .

    Third ... Which version of Outlook does your client use ...you know that some versions of Outlook (the most recent anyway) have a spamfiltering tool built in !!

    Anyway ...if you have more questions about spam please don't hesitate to search first and ask questions if you can't find an answer that sattisfies you.

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    I 've had zero issues with this product


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    becareful with norton/symantec. I have had MANY problems in the past becasue the product changes the incomming mail server in outlook to be a url on your computer (the spam filter) and sometimes this just casues lots of problems.
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    You could use spamassassin. This works by having outlook connect to spam assassin, which in turn makes the real connection to your POP server. Spamassassin then adds *SPAM* or something of the sort to spam messages. You can then setup rules in outlook or whatever mail client you use to move these messages automatically to a spam folder, or to just delete them.

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    I think the spam rules work pretty well in Outlook '03 when configured properly. Run it in conjunction with an AV product that has email filtering for virii and you have both spam and email virus protection without adding any additional products.

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