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    Gore -

    What about being a bastard SysAdmin and exploiting one or two or a few (one for me too) from your co-workers
    They can steal all my property and belongings, curtail all my rights and privileges, incarcerate me, beat me and even kill me. They then, will only have my dead body, NOT my obedience.

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    Trust me on this one; Iíve been a member@ocf for years. When making a purchase of one of the leading AGP cards, you have to ask yourself these questions. Will my current components hold back the ability of my new card? **** yeah, all the new cards do. Well what's your AGP @ 4x or 8x like the card (That ones hindering play)? Your board, do you have Dual-channel? If not, (that's really hindering play). What's your chipset @ http://www.intel.com/products/chipsets/index.htm this plays a big part in gamming, (big ****ing difference here). These are just some of the questions one has to ask him or herself before buying a big card and wanting to see big differences. PM me before any purchases. (Seriously, especially if you're playing 1st person shooters.)

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