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Thread: hey i really didnt know this site had all this info

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    hey i really didnt know this site had all this info

    i simply wated money by joining astalavista"hackers portal"/members portal and wated a wooping 128 dollars !!!! and became a life time number after joining that site i thought that i would have never have to buy another book but that sure wasent true look i have no grudge against astalavista but i am angry that i wasted 128*46=6000 odd rupees that is quater of an average indian homes monthly salary now i think that i should have simply become antionlines free member so three cheers for AO
    you look up and a bird shits in the sky ,you fall on your knees and thank god that buffalos dont fly.

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    Better late then never ...........

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    mate if your paying to get anything off the net your paying too much

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