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    I have had water burn out keyboards. At the very least, take it apart and dry it out,
    or replace it before you do any other diagnosis of the problem. Even if it seems OK,
    the problem could return, as long as the moisture remains.
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    most keyboards are a Membrane type setup.. usually a plastic template with deposited metal traces, and carbon contact points. and a series of holes... this template is folded in such a way that the carbon a pair of contact points look at each other through one of the holes.. when placed in the Keyboard caseing.. one of the keys sits over this point.. there is your keyswitch assy.. now get a little water in there it will in effect create a conductive path between several of these traces.. and untill all the water has evaporated a conductive path will continue to exist, ..
    depending on the Salts in the water and the dust in the keyboard will determain how long the problem will exist AND how likely it will be adversly affected next time the humidity of the room rises..
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