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Thread: Canadian Politics

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    Canadian Politics

    Well........I have had a couple of glasses of wine

    and I just want to tell Steven Harper to look at this attachment...

    Something I stole(copy and paste) from a AO member profile a long ago...and I apologize...that I do not remember where I got it from

    But it is just SOOOOO APPROPRIATE......

    I had to post

    also to put me over the 400 post mark

    May be offensive to some viewers

    Too friggin bad!!!

    Now I am a SENIOR.......oh that is so scary

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    Hi morganlefay,

    I used to be very interested in our political structure years ago when Trudeau was around...as far as I'm concerned, as bad as he was, and as much as we disagreed with him, I always gave him credit for being first a Canadian...and as far as I can tell he was the last person in any cabinet position or higher that put Canada first...

    since then all we've had are American President wannabes...elected and not-elected...Canadian politics has never been the same.


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    There ways be .......corruption in politics..

    Doesent matter what party

    As for the “inquiry”

    They marked up 65%

    Most retail store mark up 50%

    So they may be over 15%…………?????

    Let take a look at our food industry…were they have been selling us oil base products …..as food…for years…

    We are eating plastic..and wonder why we..as a society are obese..duh..
    ya think it may be processed foods?

    Yet we can sell that legally to the public…then jack the price for real food…now at an even higher price..???

    Corruption everywhere……

    no matter what the party

    nazi pres..nazi pope..new nazi pm

    just plain scary
    How people treat you is their karma- how you react is yours-Wayne Dyer

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    Most retail store mark up 50%
    holy **** how I wish... Jewellry Store maybe .. I take it your talking the Fast food chains.. I'm too lazy to google "Canadian Politics" to see what your talking about.. I'll leave it there..
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    Yeah, well that's why I say we should've annexed your asses a long time ago. Then you'd have something really big to bitch about and still feel good about yourselves.

    And by the way, the surgeon general says it's not dangerous to be a little obese.... like, what exactly is a little obese?

    P.S. Sorry I had to chime in because your complaints aren't exclusively Canadian, then again you may have those problems because you're attached to the U.S., poor sods. hehehe

    P.S.S Now I'll go drink my nice big cup of STFU!!!
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    what exactly is a little obese?
    I'm little [ish] AND obese [ish] does that count ?
    55 - I'm fiftyfeckinfive and STILL no wiser,
    OLDER yes
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    Im not Canadian but my girlfriend is so im starting to learn a little more about Canadian politics.... interesting system yall have going... its different than politics here in the good ol US of A. :-)
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    Hi Texan,

    Yes...it is very different...

    officially we are not a democracy, or a republic as yourselves...officially we are a parlimentary monarchy....which is why we still retain a governor general, traditionally the queen's representative...
    we do not elect our judges...
    we have the right of vote but have no say in regards to what happens while our representative is in office...that is we do not have the right of veto or vote on bills or legistlation to be passed as you do...
    these are some of things I would like to see changed...

    our health care system is still one of the best and more equitable systems in the world, despite govern(mental) tampering...
    we consistantly rate at the top or second on virtually every standard of living evaluation...
    our country is still one of the safest places to live in the world...
    we have one of the best human rights histories of any nation...far from perfect...but in comparison, on this issue...virtually no one even comes close...
    these are some things I would like to stay the same...


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    I love this quote from Shaq when told he was classed as obese

    "I've read that same formula, but as an athlete, I'm classified as phenomenal," O'Neal told The AP. "You can look it up."
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