Please no flames if someone feels I have put this into the wrong forum - I felt that it would be just as appropriate here as it would be in the 'Cosmos' forum.

I'm sure that all of us (well ......... most of us) are, at least, vaguely aware of what nanotechnology is.

For those that don't, go and find out here

I have been thinking about this for a couple of days and have to get it out of my head.
Do we realize that the possible future ramifications that nanotech could have on the internet are explosive?!

Today we can download software, games, ebooks, movies, songs etc etc off of the internet - haha, no **** - that is something we all surely knew already but .........

In years to come is it even feasible to imagine that someday, when nanotech has been more thouroughly developed that it will be possible to actually download physical items from the internet?

Imagine this: its the year 2015 (or some other year in the not so far off future) and you order a car stereo off of Ebay, you already have a nanotechnological module sitting on your desktop.
You win your auction off of Ebay (or its 15 years in the future equivilent) and instead of waiting for it to be shipped you sit at your desk and watch it molecularly reproduce right there in front of you on your brand new, state of the art nano-module.

This may sound very whimsical and far-fetched now - but decades ago so did many things that are commonplace everyday items today (like the internet, haha).

A few years ago I was very much against nanotech and, honestly - scared of it because of the idea of the governments suppression of it to the public and all the possible evil that could be efficiently accomplished with it. This is still a very real possibility - but so were nuclear weapons NOT that very long ago. I guess I don't have alot of faith in the altruistic agenda of mankind; but this new concept of how it could be used is very intriguing.

I would love to hear (read) what others have to say on the potentials of nanotechnology, as I don't know much about it. I have been researching it more - to stay ahead of the game.
After all - who wants to still be learning DHTML or JavaScript when the rest of the internet world is busy programming 'nano-scripts' in their webpages?