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Thread: Sp2 firewall or kerio

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    Sp2 firewall or kerio

    Hi there guys

    i dl Kerio latest edition firewall and would just like to know if I should use Kerio instead of Sp2 firewall or both or just Sp2 firewall?

    Thanks for your time.
    Tyron Rohland

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    Any reason why you chose Kerio ?
    As you have D/Led it. it would be a shame not to use it

    SP2 F/W is a stop gap measure [IMHO] until you sort and configure a 'proper' F/W.

    Do NOT use both : Conflicts are no fun.

    Use the 'start - control panel - security centre' to disable the SP2 F/W.

    luck to you.
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    Fox's opinion is like most you will hear, XP firewall is better than nothing but not the best free one you can get. I've been using Sygate for a year or so without a problem.


    You may want to also check out this thread for some other options

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    Try to use Zone Alarm its free, and have great reviews

    do what foxyloxley sayd, don't use 2 firewall, you will get conflicts

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    I agree with the advice to go with a third party firewall rather than XP SP2.

    My main reason is that the SP2 one does not alert you of outgoing attempts which is important if something does "get in"

    Remember to use it in conjunction with a good AV product, and be sure that your e-mail is scanned before you open it. AVG is a decent free one that does this.

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    Here is a cute little tutorial:

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    I had used kerio firewall for about a year and a half, they have come a long way and I would like to say that it is a very impressive firewall with many usefull features like IDS and popup stopping. When i changed Internet providers my modem came with a built in firewall at which point I discontinued use of kerio. I have since made some changes to my network and will problably be useing kerio again in the very near future.

    Bottom line I give kerio a thumbs up with a 8.5/10 rateing, mostly because the free version after the 30 days prevented my ability to do file shareing. If i pay for the product I would not have this problem.
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    I think zone alarm pro is gr8
    But for free try black ice it has quite nice advanced features

    Check the below link which gives a free s/w for checking xp logs

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