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Thread: users on line???just courius

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    users on line???just courius

    sry its a very stupid but couldnt help to ask
    guests on line 400
    members 25
    total users 430

    am i missing something here or some of the the other 5 are called different like moderators or??

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    some of us prefer to be invisible to those looking at the 'users on line' listing. Somewhere in the numbers we'll still show up though.
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    If you notice unvi$ible when you scroll down to the " guests " you'll see that some are posting, editing, sending a private message, etc ...all things you cannot do unless you are a member...I've always assumed that these are the " invisible " members...because you can't even do that if you're a member and don't log on...you have to log on as " invisible ' to use these features and you're then a " guest "...
    these are the stalkers...the peeping toms...the ones that hide in the shadows and peer through people's windows un-noticed

    then the ones you mentioned...well...they're just ghosts...don't worry about it!

    That's one of the features I use fairly regularly ( who's online ) to find out what topics are holding the most interest.


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    Most forums seem to have this feature :

    When you log on you do not logon to the active list, and yes, it is the admin / mods who make the most use of it.

    So, when you check who is online, you could see each member by name, and the guests as 'Guest', but the admin / mods will not be seen there, although they are active. [allegedly ]
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