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Thread: $340,000 for a fly

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    $340,000 for a fly

    We talked about this someplace and I had mentioned that my dad had a bottle of Molson's sitting on top of the fridge for years with a dead grasshopper stuck to the insides...well...

    how would you like $340,000 for finding a fly in your bottled water...emotional distress, bad dreams, can't drink bottled water any more, can't shower as often...

    he didn't even drink the fly...he just saw it in the bottle...

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    Well thats one way to get rich.
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    What if it was an apple?

    .. whats worse than finding a worm in the apple?.... finding Half a worm....
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    Originally posted here by Und3ertak3r
    What if it was an apple?

    .. whats worse than finding a worm in the apple?.... finding Half a worm....
    I heard a really funny (in a way) comment at lunch the other day. Somehow these chicks started talking about worms in their apples (they are the healthy ditzy chicks who eat fruit and nothing else) and one of them said pretty loud "I wonder what's worse than finding a worm in you're apple" and they all giggled, then one of my friends shouted "The Holocaust". They were pretty quiet for the rest of lunch.
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    that is outragous that he got paid that much for a fly! all this food stuff is getting out of hand... now they said that the finger in the chili at Wendy's was a hoax.... well the stupid woman is in jail now geez....
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