OK - let me first explain my ambition and vision, then ask for your input ..........

Theres not much in life that I enjoy more than programming and delving into the deeper inner sanctums of the internet ........ But there is one thing .......

Efficiency - I love shortcuts (and why wouldn't I)

I have 2 harddrives on my box (C: and D: - named local disk and rural disk respectively)
Almost everything I do goes into my D: drive and the 2 most used directories there are my business directory and my 'pleasure' directory - named 'programming'. Within the programming directory I have many subdirectories aptly named after all the programming languages I use ie. perl, python, java(script), c++, DHTML, xml, php, flash etc. this directory is a few levels down in the D: drive and I like it where it is (the breaking from habit is not immediately conducive to efficiency).

I dual boot windows XP home and unixBSD if Im just working locally I use XP for my passtimes activities and have it set up with many customized keyboard shortcuts - what I want to do is write a program (possibly a batch file - not sure, thus, the starting of this thread) that will pop up a window when I press a predetermined combination of keys, that will allow me to just type in the folder I want to go to and it will take me right there to that directory.

I have alittle experience with batch file writing and what I would like to confirm is: Is writing a batch file the best way to go about this?

I am sure that many will ask questions like: Why would you want to do this? or Why would you dual boot with Win XP? and such
Please don't - to be as congenially honest as possible - Im not looking for my agenda or motivations to be questioned, just looking for a bit of educated and knowledgeable advice.

Thanks to all who submit constructive and useful replies .......... they are all appreciated.