I have been called over and commissioned by the all mighty powers that be (Mama and Papa) to set up and install Verizon DSL on their home computer network from RoadRunner (Broadband).

When they first got Road Runner last year, I set it up so that their email from Road Runners site POP3's into Outlook express to facilitate the email process for them (they both have trouble just logging into an email account )

They have just gotten DirectTV and they also chose Verizon DSL for their 2 box home network.

Before installing DSL and cancelling Broadband is it absolutely neccessary to back up all the email in Outlook express? or After DSL is installed and I configure the POP3 server so that their email from the verizon email goes to OE, will those emails be compiled and combined into their respective accounts along with the old emails POPed from RoadRunner?

Did I word that Question OK?

What I meant was - will the existing accounts in OE retain the old email data and then just continue to also collect from the Verizon emails and add these into the existing accounts along with the already existing email data?

All my knowledge and 'cyber-sense' tells me that it will and all will be alright.
But the same 'cyber-sense' tells me that there is no Affirmation like Confirmation.

Also - if anyone has any other advice, warnings or precautions for me to insure a smooth transition - Im smart enough to know that Im not smart enough to think of everything, haha - they would be more than welcome ........

Thanks, again all.