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Thread: Partition Error!

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    Partition Error!

    Hi, I realize that this is not a security issue, but I really don't know another good forum with ppl who know what they are talking about, so maybe if anyhting, you could point me to one where I could post about this.

    When I came to my PC in the morning, it had an error in the bottom rigth corner, something about delayed write failed to C:\ ... and the whole system was dead frozen. So I restarted, and it wouldnt boot. I then proceeded to boot to my other hard drive, to an older install of WinXP (I have 5 drives in my PC) and it saw my other "busted" 120Gb drive, and it had no problem reading 3 of the 4 fat32 partitons that are on it, but not the 1st one, or the C:. That one it said was not formatted. So I opened up partition magic 8, and it showed that patition correctly, 15Gb, FAT32, 4.5Gb in use.. So I tried to scan it for errors, and it said Error 2004 An invalid cluster was found in the directory entry" and then right after "Critical 501 Cross-Linked files were found, and then poped up another dialog "Error 7 Operation cancelled by user." I didn't cancel anything, but go figure... Tried convert to NTFS, but it pulled up Windows utility, and that doesn't see it as FAT32, sees it as RAW and refuses to deal with it. And Partition magic sees it as the correct partiton, but wont fix the errors.. Is there a partition repairing program out there that can plow through this?
    (I figure since partition magic sees it as a correct partiton with correct amount of data, then the stuff is still sitting there)


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    When did you last use Partition Magic to resize the partitions?

    I would look on the HDD maufacturer's site for their diagnostics tool and run that against the 120Mb drive.

    You might try checkdisk again, but this time tell it to automatically fix files and recover bad sectors

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    I used PM to create the partitions on that drive back in January. Haven't used the drive before then.

    I can't run checkdisk on it, since it doesn't work on RAW (unformated) space, and thats how windows sees that partition...

    Yea, I am going to pull up WD diagnostics, and check the drive...

    I do still want to try to repair that partition though

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    Is there a partition repairing program out there that can plow through this?
    First, Partition Magic has an option to scan the disk for errors. Find it and Do that.
    (edit: sorry, didn't see you had already tried that)
    Yes, Partition Magic can kick you out if it encounters an unexpected hardware error. Been there, done that.

    Second, Your idea of converting to NTFS in the middle of this situation is bad. Thank God it didn't try. What a mess that would have been, partially converted NTFS, FAT32 and scrambled access.

    Third, Don't let the manufacturer software repair anything. Let it test and that is it!
    Their software can sometimes fix the harddrive sectors but never save your data in the process. If you are afraid to use a particular feature, it's probably good reason.

    Fourth, Use Spinrite 6.0, from http://www.grc.com/sr/spinrite.htm
    It can fix corrupted or even blank individual sectors on a populated drive without endangering your data.

    The problem you have is either a physical sector problem, or a logical sector problem combined with/without a scrambled FAT.

    [after rereading this section I'm convinced it's shameless breast beating]
    There are two copies of the FAT table and I've done surgery (a few times) on those FAT tables recovering unbootable drives by mixing/matching the FAT contents until I had a good single FAT table. I've also had a computer technician/consultant give me a fully populated OS/2 drive (HPFS format) saying to me "It's a customers drive and I thought OS/2 used FAT format so I ran a Norton Disc Doctor on it but now the data doesn't seem to be there." (that little rabbit trick/recovery took me a good 4 straight days and the lady lost nothing at all).
    Not a recommended procedure for either laymen or most IT professionals.

    Does Norton Disk Doctor work or does it still chew up the partition data?
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    Great stuff on the above posts! I would just mention that if you end up deleting and re-establishing that partition and format it etc., take some real good notes prior to. The new partition must be exactly the same size as the original. Sneak over the edge, even by one byte and the adjoining partition might get sexored as well.

    Connection refused, try again later.

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    This might be a shot in the dark but anyway...have you tried xp,s repairing option when booting from the xp disk..?I have found that using the second repairing function where you can see your partitions often solves the problem and keeps your stuff...or most of it intact..the first repair option is often not very understandable.

    hope this helps
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    Thanks for the info!
    Stumbled around the net, finally found program called TestDisk, which repaired the parition table and who knows what else. After that, parition became visible as FAT32, but windows wouldnt boot. So I used WinXP CD to get into repair console and ran the fixmbr, fixboot. WinXP booted fine after that, ran scandisk, fixed a few errors, and I was home free so to speak.

    Thanks everyone

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    Thank God! that you've finally found a way to repair you disk, and most importantly to remind us!
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