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Thread: Better or best tool for monitoring?

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    Better or best tool for monitoring?


    Looking to find a better tool for monitoring a wireless network for users and bandwidth used. I am using NetStumbler - yes I have written permission to do so - to find rogue APs, but I was asked to also find users that may be using those APs - and report back who they are.

    I'm not even sure that's possible and before I even try, I am already asking for updated written permission to do so, but is it possible to know "who" or what nodes are on a wireless network?

    I have seen commercial products, like Tivoli or an IDS, track down some nodes that are wired, but I cannot find anything worth a spit for wireless.

    Going back to Google to look, and maybe insecure.org.


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    Any network sniffer will show you what nodes are on the network. something like ethereal. Or a "network explorer" type program...or a network mapping program. There are TONS of ways to do this. hell, most access points will let you see which nodes are connected.
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    As XTC already said... there are quite a few ways to do this.
    One easy way... Kismet.

    If you don't already have a linux box... then use a live cd.

    My personal favorite this month is Whoppix

    They have a lot of wifi tools... along with footprinting and enumeration toolz.
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    I thought there might be a slew of tools, however, I was unsure and wanted to make sure - that and being newer to this technology, I wanted to confirm what I was finding from Google. Thanks for the information and responses back. I will forward the recommendations to my manager so I can get approval and get to testing.


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    Google AirSnare for a nice little "early warning" system....
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