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Thread: win2000-where do i find rundll.exe

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    win2000-where do i find rundll.exe

    i am a newbie and was going through Ankit fadia's book on ethical hacking when i came accross rundll.exe. acc. to book rundll.exe shud give access to shutting down comp...however my comp cudnt search for this file either in my windows r winnt folder...wat shud i do

    ne suggestions on this will be gratefully accepted....thank u


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    Again .... www.google.com gives you all the answers (almost anyway) you need -->

    rundll.exe is a Windows System process belonging to the Windows 95, 98 and ME range of Microsoft Windows products. This is an important system process and should not be terminated. NOTE: rundll.exe can also be the LOXOSCAM and Backdoor.SchoolBus.B trojans depending on Operating System and file path; this is always a virus on Windows XP and 2000 operating systems however. Both are a backdoor Trojan that allow hackers to gain access to the computer. These program is a registered security risk and should be removed immediately. If found on your system make sure that you have downloaded the latest update for your antivirus application. Please consult the file path to distinguish between this and the system process."

    Found it on this website : http://www.liutilities.com/products/...ibrary/rundll/

    Took me 2 seconds.

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    The same functionality (loading a specific dll and run a certain function,
    while passing a few parameters) still is available on NT, 2kx, XP systems,
    however the file name changed from rundll.exe to rundll32.exe[1], maybe
    for the reason that nowadays, standard systems, and in particular
    memory addressing, are 32bit...


    I am concerned about those recent flood of posts (not only here) like
    was going through Ankit fadia's book [replace by a book in this style of your choice],
    which simply reflects the success of selling such books to the intended
    target group. Their goal is not to educate those people and sensitise
    for computer security issues, but simply to make money. This is a naive
    and idealistic point of view of myself, I know, and in a simplicistic argumentation -
    a few of us, actually have jobs because of such a movement. But still -
    the authors mystify clearly documented executables, like rundll, and sell
    them as hacker-ways - in the end, just for the annoyance of a few others.
    Publishers and authors, especially when targeting such people, do have
    some kind of responsibility. Maybe I am exaggerating, especially since I do
    not know that particular page, where Ankit describes that shutdown,
    but the important point is, that, generalised, the readers are just interested in
    that part - and not interested in understanding how things actually work -
    hence, questions like the above.

    Maybe I simply cannot delete from my imagination a picture of a legion of
    small Ankit Fadia followers

    and maybe I have a bad mood, because the cluster I mainly use, crashed
    once more during the night, and I have to get rid off that thought, at least.



    [1] http://support.microsoft.com/default...EN-US;q164787&
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    i am a newbie and was going through Ankit fadia's book on ethical hacking
    Ankit Fadia's book is neither particularly well written nor knowlegable. It is also very much out of date and belongs to the era of Win9x and NT4. You need to keep that in mind when reading it.

    Also appreciate that Ankit Fadia is in no way respected by the professional security community or even the competent hacking community

    He is a myth created by the Indian media, nothing more, nothing less.

    If you don't believe me, just do a google search on his name.

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    I have to agree ..........

    I am not condoning hacking (ethically or not) and am in no way promulgating AO as a hackers site.

    But for those members that wish to learn about hacking - books written on it are not the best nor recommended way to go about this - because of the glamorization of the 'trade' in movies over the last few years - books on it are aimed mostly at money-making rather than viable information.

    If you are really serious about learning to hack - read books on security, OS's and the infrastructure of the internet along with learning to program - until you dedicate yourself to that course you will never be anything else but - what are the 'hackerisms' ........... |@m3r$ and scriptkiddies - I guess are the appropriate terminologies
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