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Thread: Full form of COMPUTER.

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    Full form of COMPUTER.

    Hi all, I have a stupid question. Is the real full form of :-

    COMPUTER - [C]ommon [O]perating [M]achine [P]articular [U]se for [T]rade [E]ducation and [R]esearch.

    WINDOWS - [W]ide [I]nteractive [N]etwork [D]evelop [O]ffice [W]ork [S]olutions.


    OFFICE - [O]rientel [F]eatures [F]or [I]ntelligent [C]omputer [E](unknown to me)?

    or its just a joke............

    Thanks for your anticipated replies.

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    It is a joke, none of those words are acronyms

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    A computer is a computer because it computes. Much like a calculator is a calculator because it calculates and painters are painters because they paint.
    Windows is Windows because it was one of the first operating systems to introduce a graphical windowing system (possibly the first, I'm not sure)
    Office comes from the Latin officium, meaning business or trade (I think).

    But really, they were invented by the NSA to convey messages. You see, every time the NSA needs to send a message, they invent a new mnemonic to remember the message with, and casually insert it into the english language so it's never forgotten.

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    And WIMP = Windows, Icons and Mouse Pointing.

    Sorry - just alittle windows bashing humor for *nix fanatics
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