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Thread: Loss of backup tapes growing rampant

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    Loss of backup tapes growing rampant

    I just thought I would point out that out of three news items on the "EITPlanet.com: Security News" bar at the top of the front page here, two of three stories detail the loss of confidential information through backup tapes.

    When will people ever learn that backup security is as critical as online security. Surely the information is just as valuable. Any reduction in risk associated with the information being offline would be more than offset by the increased risk inherited as a result of its newfound portability and small size.

    I would think that any resonable vulnerability assesment would catch this. Unless, of course, the "professionals" behind this threat analysis are improperly trained or educated, or just simply doing a half-assed job.

    Considering the value of the information people are losing, why aren't people either encrypting backup tapes or hiring Brinks-type agencies to move them? I would think that cost can't be an issue, given the millions spent on protecting information while it's online.

    That pretty much leaves lack of foresight, incompetence, or laziness.
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    I don't know if it's more rampant or more noticeable. With laws like those in California that requires publication of any potential breach of privacy (where the information is not encrypted), perhaps it's more that the media is bringing this more to light.

    It could also be the idea of a false sense of security ("It will never fail. OS [insert flavour of the month] is extremely reliable and the hardware is from company [insert flavour of the month]. They are reputabled. Even the commercials say so!")
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    There are services that use GPS tracking on tape boxes.
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    Sounds like I should be starting my own business with an old brinks truck storing tape backups off site in my secure location.....hmmmm

    There has a be a good potential for money in this
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