Its about time I introduce myself. I have known about antionline for about 2 years, visiting quite frequently.

I am 22 years old male who has a stong interest in security, programming, networking, electronics and computers, or shale we just say technology in general. I have a tendancy to jump around, that is to say i will start a project or research a topic and then after a while move on to something else. I am a very much self taught person. As you can problably tell I am not very good with spelling either and should problably use a spell checker.

Lately I have been learning about programming, more spasificaly OOP and modular programing as well as code resuse. I have recently put together a custom programming enviroment composed majorly of mingw and other gnu software. I have a project i have been working on which I am gona put my best effort into completeing before I start something else.

I have also developed a keen interest in 3D game deveopment and plan to make use of a open source renering engine called Ogre in the not so distant future. I hope to take a cource in Computer Science so that I can pursue a career in programming.