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Thread: Does this ever happen to you too?

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    Talking Does this ever happen to you too?

    Do you ever work for hours on some recalcitrant computer/networking device, doing everything humanly possible to make it work but instead spin your wheels so much they'd think you're at the drag races?
    So in disgust, you finally leave (or throw) the piece of sh** device or just take it elsewhere to plug it in, then bada bing, it magically starts working without error?

    Case in point:
    Called today for an onsite on a client's wireless router (stable for over one year) which is now acting all kinds of screwy. Check the adapter voltage (good), check the external lights (only good for 20 seconds before the power light turns from green to a blinky green or a kinda yellow. The device is not responding to what I thought was the IP, Doesn't respond back on a MAC request either. Okay, reset my notebook a few times with different IP addresses for the ARP/IP subnet scanning. Reset the device a couple times with reset button. Check the item's heat by hand, plug it into a UPS, blah..blah...blah...

    Inform the client the hardware is defective.

    Take the item on a power off 40 minute trip to my office for further dissecting, and wouldn't you know it, bada bing it immediately starts working right on first power up and is still working 60 minutes later.

    But I bet if I take it back, it'll start acting up. Maybe it's just tired of its surroundings?

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    I've had some things like that... where leaving it unplugged for a while will "cure" whatever problem you had.

    One thing I can think of... my dumbass mistake of pullint out a video card while the PC was still on. Saw a spark and it stopped working. Turned on and off again a few dozen time... didn't work. Left it and came back to it the next day... only for it to turn on the first time I press the power button.

    Another example... hp jetdirect print server. Changed the physical printer but not any settings on the jet direct... It wouldn't work. I unplugged it for a while and went to lunch. Came back and plugged it back in... viola, just like magic. Worked again.

    I can't explain it. I guess every now and again... even your gear needs a rest? lol
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    I suspect this might be either a loose connection somewhere within the router, or a power-issue at the site.
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    Happens to me all the time, i have to throw my dsl modem down a 4 story building every day for it to work.
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    Yep, I've encountered it too. Tends make me happy that my confounding job is suddenly over, but it always leaves me to ponder what the heck happened.

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    One of my client is an electronics manufacturer and they "burn in" components to allow for failure.

    Also allows for the components to warm up....appears the electronics will work better if burned in for a while....or fail.

    I have heard of hardrives when cold that wont spin up (one that have been running 24\7...warm them a bit (hot asphalt works)...and then they spin again???

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    Dont know how true it is; because hes been known to toss some real cow pies my way, but he hasnt bought a new video card yet

    A friend was struggling with a video card and ready to break out the plastic and go online to get another one. In walks his dearest and while the cover was off the case, she asked, What is this?, as she touched the video card. At the same time he heard a zitttttt and vooooobahhhh, the doggone thing starts to work. It would appear that the static electricity generated from her walking on the carpet, jump-started the card or some thing went to ground through her. Cant tell which because she got air.

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