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Thread: Think your tape backup is good?

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    Talking Think your tape backup is good?

    So you think your tape based backup is safe?

    John Cleese of Monty Python fame says "No, sirreee bob."

    See why and learn the real truth at http://www.backuptrauma.com/video/default2.aspx

    (flash player required)

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    ROFL... not the THIRD button!

    I wonder if that is real... 50% of tape backups fail? I do backup/restore from tape all the time... I've never had a problem with them... But, I do full backups and store offsite. I'm not doing incremental.

    Then I'm backing up to a network attach storage device doing incremental.

    Most of the time I only need to restore from the NAS. The tapes have really only been used for disaster recovery testing...

    I wonder if they're just throwing out figures to scare you into buying their product...
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    Awesome. Just awesome.

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