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Thread: Did anyone see Mitnick speak in Toronto in Feb?

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    Did anyone see Mitnick speak in Toronto in Feb?

    I'd love to have seen Kevin speak at his Sleeping With The Enemy social engineering workshop in February but I couldn't quite foot the $3000 bill of admission. Did anyone attend this or another Mitnick workshop?

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    No, I did not. I would like to attend, but the distance is the main bareer ....
    You can visit his website and watch some videos shots ... this might be good ...

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    Nah... I figured for $3000 he must be trying to social engineer me into paying for his coke habit or something. Thats just a crazy amount of money for a socail engineering seminar. Heck.. his book was only like $30 and I can "practice" in my own "workshops" all I want.
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    Have you ever listened to these phone calls?

    damn you.
    my technique is the best.
    my boss is the best.
    damn you.  i know rdist technique,
    i know sendmail technique,
    and my style is much better.
    Mark: Well, actually, maybe, you could explain something to me.
    Kevin: Sure.
    Mark: How did you possibly get my new passwords?
    Kevin: Heh, I can always get it again, if I wanted to.
    Mark: Unless you were running like, etherfind or something on my net.
    Kevin: Uh.
    Mark: I can't figure out how you got it.
    Kevin: I know, I can get it again. That's the funny thing, I can just keep coming back. Uh. I...
    Mark: You can get it again?
    Kevin: Yeah. I can get it again if I, uh want.
    Mark: I can't figure that out.
    Kevin: Yeah, I know. I can get it when I... I mean, uh, I, I don't mind telling you, but then you'd kick me out and then I'd have no chance.

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