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Thread: AntiOnline Forms Partnership With Zarite Inc.

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    AntiOnline Forms Partnership With Zarite Inc.

    AntiOnline Forms Partnership
    With Zarite Inc.
    Sunday 10:00am, November 08, 1998
    Venture Capitalists see a future in
    AntiOnline, and decide to invest.


    Smart people. Does anyone know what ever came of this?

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    Uh... that was prior to Jupitermedia buying it so that'd be a question to ask JP of. I don't remember anything about Zarite Inc. A quick google search on Zarite pulls up the following:

    Zarite Inc. and Antionline formed a partnership that gives antionline many new toys: domains galore, an interactive bot on the web, a virtual hacker store, and a hacker search engine based on Infoseek technology. Zarite controls 30% of Antionline. The editor, John Vranesevich, owns 70% plus maintains managerial control.
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    www.morehouse.org/hin/uberzines/HWA/HWA-hn1.txt+Zarite+Inc.&hl=en&client=firefox-a]Google Cache[/URL]

    Bow to the Cash cOw:

    Hey Cartman, did the |<r4d Back Orifice<tm> watch come yet???


    At least we know where the cDc guys are coming from, ;-)

    Gimme your money:

    It seems the old hacker gold rush is on, I don't care what anyone
    says, HACKING sells, and it sells big, I'm actually surprised it
    has taken this long for some people to realize this and begin to
    cash in on it, but it is readily apparent to me that the 'golden
    age of hacking' <sic> is far from over.

    AntiOnline, run by 19yr old John Vranesvich seems to have struck
    the mother lode. Already a commercial entity offering shell accounts
    to the wannabes the site now proclaims the following:

    "AntiOnline Forms Partnership With Zarite Inc.Sunday 10:00am,
    November 08, 1998 - Venture Capitalists see a future in AntiOnline,
    and decide to invest."

    uh, yeah, hey maybe someone will invest in us too some day <guffaw>.


    "Under the terms of the agreement, Vranesevich will retain a majority
    70% stake in AntiOnline, and will maintain sole managerial control"

    From the press release:

    In exchange for 30% control of AntiOnline "Zarite Inc. has provided
    an undisclosed amount of investment capital, which is set to be used
    to launch a second generation site.

    ... which is expected to span over some 8
    separate domains, will collectively be dubbed "AntiOnline - The
    Internet's Information Security Super Center". Along with the latest
    InfoSec news updated 3 times a day, AntiOnline will also run weekly
    columns and interviews from and by some of the biggest names in the
    computer security and hack scene. Another domain will host Bub,
    AntiOnline's artificial intelligence bot, 6 months in the making, that
    will be able to interactively answer questions about computer security
    issues posed to it by web surfers. One of the domains will host a
    virtual store front that will be a one stop shop for security products
    and hacker memorabilia, and yet another one will serve as a high
    power search portal to information security related sites, based on
    technology being leased from InfoSeek. Another of the domains will
    serve as the world's most extensive web companion to IRC, the form
    of real time type written communication used by thousands of hackers
    around the world."
    The wayback machine doesn't have a cached shot of the actual page...
    wayback machine

    Doesn't seem to be much more out there than that... but I didn't really go looking either.

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