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Thread: Google typo site not just ads

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    Google typo site not just ads

    A computer in my network was hit with this yesterday:

    Reader Alan Phelps wrote in this morning to alert us to a malicious site that has registered a domain that might be entered as a typo for google.com. DO NOT VISIT THIS SITE! Visiting this site installs about 49 pieces of spyware, uses the local hosts file to block access to popular anti-virus websites, and offers a link to a website that sells AV and anti-spyware tools with the slogan "We help people"... No comment...
    Administrators might want to do a quick check on their DNS cache records to see if any users have resolved anything matching "googkle" lately, and then have field support visit the (likely) infested workstations.
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    Ah... another coolwebsearch domain...

    /me runs off to add that domain to blackhole dns...

    Thanks bleedingsnort!

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