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Thread: Some Bloody ISP's

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    Some Bloody ISP's

    Hey Guy's

    I'm sure this hasn't happened to any others

    Upgraded a clients network to include a Smoothwall Firewall yesterday, and remove the half hearted WinXP box that had (safely) been imposed to the task for the past 6months..

    After setting the ADSL modem details (D-Link dsl-200) and the logon details.. logon fine.. as DHCP was enabled (to reduce change over pains from the old XP network) tested each client.. (9 clients very small network).. ran through a number of reboot tests both with the clients and the SW box.. all performed OK.. tested network browsing.. seemed ok..

    Checked incase there were fresh updates for SW.. fine go Home..

    Today- first call 10am.. Kant git intuh-net.. advised client to click the pretty Icon on his desk top.. and read what is at the center of screen..Modem Idle.. Fark..
    advuised - disconnect (silly I know), then Connect.. Yep all Up again.. Cool.. hmm muggins didnt set the properties for Persistent Connection to enabled?? ok need to fix that..
    Got to do some repairs to car.. half of intereor removed.. and ..fark.. the phone rings

    " Kant git the farken intuh-net.. FUX ut now.."

    Drive to the site with a Styrofoam box for a seat.. no cods-wollopers(cops) ..

    Sure enough.. Modem Idle.. reconnected OK.. checked settings Persistent is enabled..

    Huh.. model Idle AGAIN..oh Fark..

    Reconnect.. 2 mins later connected.. hmm.. FUX you will I... Swapp out the modem.. Bingo!!.. connects first go.. speed good..

    See mate All work'n... Oh FARK.. disconnected

    Swap WinXP box back in.. again connect first go.. BUT.. cant browse.. huh.. swapped back in SW.. same issue.. customer not impressed.. orders the WIN-XP box back into service..

    Still cant browse.. hmm.. Fark it.. ring ISP..
    mr frog: NO problems..
    undies: Are you sure mr frog?
    mr frog: where are you..
    mr frog: Oh.. yes there is an issue in your area..
    undies: What area may that be?
    mr frog: ahhh, queensland...hmm NSW... oh and.. oh some.... no.. all of Victoria..
    undies: is that all?
    mr frog: yep .. browsing and dns problems in all eastern states.. oh and central OZ.. WA is clear..ahh.. Connection Server is off there..
    undies: and when did these no existant problems start?
    mr frog: 9:55am eastern time.. but it has been intermittant, the networks have been up at various time during the day..
    undies: what would the longest up time be
    mr frog: 5 minutes..
    undies: How much longer before we see service?
    mr frog: Hard to say ..seems the problem is being caused by hackers.. the techs have to sort them out first.. but check your system in 45 mins

    Gotta go back to client on friday and set him up on another ISP

    moral dont trust an ISP named after an extinct Bird .. and I thought PigPond in OZ was bad..
    these dodo's have server probs.. and theř're blaming hackers

    Should send a bill to the ISP for wasting my time (see the customer had rung them twice during the day to be told that "ALL IS WELL")

    I do wonder what the 30 callers that were ahead of me had as their issue.. "Kant git muh p-horn to dusplay"

    And this silly black duck is supposed to be on holidays..

    (btw: I was gunna put this story into one of the techo forums.. then thought the humor.. I still dont see the joke.. )

    true story.. only the name of mr frog was changed to protect him.. i did name the isp.. anyone see the clue and the name?
    "Consumer technology now exceeds the average persons ability to comprehend how to use it..give up hope of them being able to understand how it works." - Me http://www.cybercrypt.co.nr

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    Jeeezz ... typical working day isn't it ...

    The bird .. It was a KIWI wasn't it - lol-
    Back when I was a boy, we carved our own IC's out of wood.

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    The bloody dodos did it again eh? I'm half tempted to come over there and start a wireless hispeed isp myself...now if I could *just* find a venture capitalist....

    If it weren't such a sad and common tale I could see the humor in it quite easily. The problem these days is that most of the quality netadmins out there are working for corporations or in business for themselves, NOT working for ISP's... *gasp* Could this mean our ISP admins/techs/support are 2nd raters? Perish the thought!
    Even a broken watch is correct twice a day.

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    If it weren't such a sad and common tale
    so true.. I could say the sme for DODO's opposition PigPond and Optamistic..ah Optus

    I was in a seriously bad mood yeterday.. today.. worse.. had a 500+km drive to Brisbug.. and backWatch the cessnas take off and land for 5 hrs.. watch step daughter get on cessna, cessna taxi.. return to terminal.. wait.. taxi.. return to terminal.. unload.... load on new cessna.. new cessna.. taxi and....take off.. should have booked a tiger-moth (btw the cessna I talk of is a boing 767).. mrs Undies is not a happy camper.. with daughter away..and in a forigen country.. with her step mom and 3 other siblings, so undies has to be very entertaining for the next 3 weeks..

    .. So i may be bashing isp's for revenge for the next few weeks..
    "Consumer technology now exceeds the average persons ability to comprehend how to use it..give up hope of them being able to understand how it works." - Me http://www.cybercrypt.co.nr

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    yes i have problems with dodo broadband all the time .. half the time my username or password is rejected the other half it works .. then when i connected the other day i couldnt browse to any sight

    they are rather ****

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