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Thread: Possible Phish?

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    Question Possible Phish?

    I received a spam email from an online pharmacy. I always like checking these sites out to see how many actually are "secure" as they claim. This site, although looks secure, really is not. Even more interesting, when you "make a purchase", the URL changes to include the price of the drug. I thought to myself, ok, so lest try to change that price in the URL and see if that reflects the shopping cart value. Sure enough, it does. So technically (and I know I'm asking for jokes) you can order Viagra etc. for a very LOW price. Being that the site is NOT secure, I wonder if they are simply gathering CC numbers and not shipping anything out. Below is the email:
    Do you ejacoolate before or after several minutes of intercorse?
    Then yo:u MUST read this imp0rtant news!
    Finally, something can be done against this embarasing pr0blem
    which leads to discomfrt even in long estab`lish:ed relationships.
    If you want to make a change READ ON!... go here.

    The link to the site is http://massifs.net
    The link to the shopping cart is


    Change the 169.95 to 1.95 and watch the price drop--as seen here:

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    Surely a commercial site wouldnt be so vulnerable.And by the looks of the page it is definitely a hoax

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