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Thread: PPOE in MAndrake 10

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    PPOE in MAndrake 10

    Let first of all i am new to linux
    I installed mandrake 10
    I hane to use a PPOE point-to-point protocol to connect to the net called rasppoe in windows.What should i do in linux?
    Also it would be helpful if u cud give me installation instructions

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    I use the Roaring Penguin PPPOE client, available here.

    I set it up quite some time ago now, so I can't remember exactly how it was done. But I do remember that it wasn't at all difficult. It's never given me any problems since.

    Installation instructions are included with the package.
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    I use pptpclient for a PPPoA connection. Not sure if it also does PPPoE.
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