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Thread: Need some help- Hardware problem

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    Unhappy Need some help- Hardware problem

    please somebody help me.
    I have a PII-233 MHz mechine. P6-LX A+ Mother board(v 2.1,
    i440 LX).128MB Ram, Award Modular Bios V4.51PG.
    When i try to bootup the system,it does not worked. Some time no display. Other time a display up to the point where it shows the processor clock frequency( 233Mhz). No further action,it does not detect the keyboard. After the display freeses the cursor is blinking after the clock frequencyBefore the problem become, severe the system booted up 3 times after a number of on offs. Reseting does not worked these time. I think the problem is something related with BIOS, but I am not sure. So somebody please help me. After the display freeses the cursor is blinking after the clock frequency

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    It could be a BIOS problem. Try taking out the BIOS chip (if it's not soldered to the motherboard) and see if that makes any difference. If not, then the BIOS chip is probably faulty. Be careful pulling it out though, the pins on those things can be quite easy to bend and snap.

    It could also be a processor problem - maybe the fan isn't running.

    Then again, maybe it's just a matter of too much dust in the case. Clean that thing out and see if it helps. Sometimes taking the whole thing apart and dusting everything off helps too.

    If it is the BIOS, just get a new motherboard. The hassle involved with getting a matching BIOS chip just isn't worth it.
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