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Thread: Monitor lock

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    Monitor lock

    I am a technical support person for a school and one of the G-Series IBM monitors menu locked up. Does anyone know how to turn this lock off.

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    Eh? The OSD on the monitor? Not to be a clown or anything, but did you try unplugging it for a while? I have never ever seen one lock up before.

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    Hi alchemist

    Can you give us details of what happens if you do a cold boot with both the monitor and PC initially powered down.

    Like zENGER I have never encountered this before, or even heard of it.

    First thing I would do is power down the monitor and detach it from the PC, then power it up unattached. You should get some "no signal" or possibly a test chart. Power down and reconnect to the computer, that might clear it.

    Unfortunately I have a sneaking suspicion that one or more of the buttons is broken, and has locked "on" so that you cannot get out of the menu?

    I have an IBM G54 on the other side of this room, so I can do some testing if you give me a few more details

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