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Thread: Create costum .bat files

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    Create costum .bat files

    Hi people! How things going?

    This doubt is kinda lame but i just dont figured it out..how can i create a costum .bat file?

    I have several .exe apps that run trough command line, so, what i whanted is to create a .bat file that allows me to directly jump towards the app whitout having to open the command prompt and type the dir to it..

    Thats one purpose, and the other is..

    Have an .exe app that only runs .zip files trough a GUI, whant i whanted was to creat a shortcut of that .zip file so that when i click it it will "fire up" the app without the need of open it manualy and selecting the zip..

    Can all this be done with a .bat file?

    Cheers to u all!

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    Question #1: It can be done with a batch file, yes. Just put in the batch file the command you wish to execute, and of course, the command line arguments you need. Just be sure the "close on exit" box isn't checked and you will be able to place it on the desktop, or the start menu, or wherever you wish.

    Question #2: You need to associate .zip files with whatever application it is that you wish to open them. I think this is done through Windows Explorer by way of View=>Folder Options=>File Types. You then need to add a new association for .zip files and specify your application as the default.

    I can see this on a Win98 box beside me right now; I imagine more up to date versions are quite similar.

    And no it isn't lame. Nobody can know everything. I just learned a lot of crap during the batch file heydays. I might ask too if I didn't know.
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    how can i create a costum .bat file?
    Open notepad, type commands, save as filename.bat
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