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Thread: Logon On Scripts???

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    Question Logon On Scripts???


    Can anybody tell me how to write scripts to run a program or file when we log on to windows(XP).


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    Word of warning, read the FAQ more thouroughly before you start threads. A thread already exists on this issue:


    But for future reference if you want to create logon scripts you should look at Microsoft's script center:


    Also remember that Google is thy friend:

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    Just make a batch file that calls for your specifc program. Open notpad and save your file for example as: Startup.bat

    In Notepad, write what ever line, to run the program, for example:


    Save the file.

    Then drag&drop this file to START - ALL PROGRAMS - STARTUP, and now Notepad will start every time you login.

    Depending on what you need to start, you may not even need a batch/script file, you could just drag&drop a shortcut from what ever program, directly in to the STARTUP folder.

    If this is a DOMAIN wide implementation, use Active Directory Users and Computers, and go to the OU's Group Policy, go to Computer/User Configuration-Windows Settings-Scripts. There you have options for adding scripts for both logons and logoffs.

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    Batch files are antiquated, and cumbersom. Use a VBScript / WSH combo punch, and you can do just about anything you want at a users logon.

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    batch files are not cumbersom at all. They are usually very small and run very efficiently. They are great for simple repetative tasks and can be used for complex tasks if one is willing to put in the time and effort needed.


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    Re: Logon On Scripts???

    Originally posted here by guruofall

    Can anybody tell me how to write scripts to run a program or file when we log on to windows(XP).
    If all you're looking to do is run a program at logon, you can do that through local policy if you want it for all users, or you can just drag a shortcut to the program to the startup group. No need to write any scripts or even use a .bat file if thats all you want to do.

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