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    Print Screens

    I have Been Using Windows for a Couple of Days
    My Friends tell me that I use the PC in an "agressive way"
    it is true, but not all the times, and it is not a reason for my operating system to crash
    i just know the hardware and synchronise how many operations i do at a time

    Here are some print screen for the PC i've been working on
    they are when the PC crashes and Hangs! A common thing :P
    (Oh! my God the windows ppl are gonna hate it, but it is not my mystake )

    but the exeptional things is that i was running nothing most of the times
    like listening to music and playing Solitaire

    Those are the print screens that could survive(explains my patience )
    the best crashed of course couldn't be saved (windows ppl you can be happy :P )

    attachment1: This is a print screen for spider solitaire, it crashed on me, i donno why
    i was only listening to music

    Psssssst anyone knows how to do multiple file attachments ?

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    you could reinstall windows and see if thats works if it has always been like this?

    have you updated it yet? you could be infested already if you havent got an AV, firewall and the latest updates


    and multiple images? ZIP them or RAR into an achieve to attach multiples


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    Playing SPider and having some folders open is very agressive, if you used Macormedia dreamwevaer, flash, FTP, Phtoshop 8.0 at the same time like me, your PC would probably blow up.

    Thats not the reason it crashed.....
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    A memory access violation occurred. Parameter 4 of the Stop error (which is Parameter 1 of the exception) is the address that the driver attempted to access
    There are several things which can cause Stop Messages that may relate to your 5k!77z.

    Faulty drivers, system services, faulty hardware/problems, memory and IRQ conflicts, third-party remote control programs, firmware incompatibilities, insufficient disk space, and memory leakage. (All listed on the link below)

    Info and solutions: Stop Messages

    Connection refused, try again later.

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    Re: Print Screens

    Originally posted here by beee
    I have Been Using Windows for a Couple of Days
    So what were you using prior to your couple of days ?

    Are we to believe you have never used a computer before ? For a 20 yr old ?

    Ok , you are probably more familiar with Unix or Linux
    Computer says no
    (Carol Beer)

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    well i was opening folder not applications
    like i had the folder of my music opened ...

    this is the taskmanager...
    i think it is supposed to be the last thing to hang... but loool not true

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