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    Man, it's kinda cool in a way, but I was finding it mega difficult to actually read any of the packets because there was so much text on the screen in loads of different sizes and colours. It made it kinda look like you hadn't used double-buffering because of all the flickering. You maybe need to look at some way to stop "packets" from moving on top of each other or something like that.

    For example, you could give each packet bound boxes and do collision testing and have them bounce off each other like they bounce off the edge of the screen, or make packets go invisible as they move under other ones.

    Just a suggestion,


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    Like I said, I'm not a graphics guy. I figured I'd just put it out there for anyone that wanted some quick example code or wanted to modify it.

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    Just wanted to let you know, it works fine when I go wired. I wish my wireless card supported promiscuous mode . Peace.

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