OK, it's silly question time ..............

I've got one box as server [Win2K server OS]
and one box dual boot Win2K / XP [both Pro]

NOW; I've set up the server, and can get to the net OK.
but the workstation will not get through to the web at all .............

Question :
Is there a link / article that will give a 'script' to follow, so that I can get this system running.

I can see the server from the workstation, and the workstation from the server.
I have mapped a couple of drives to start me off
and the IP's are set in the range.

I am assuming it's the server that is the problem area ? as I have joined PC's to an existing workgroup / domain before [:honest:]

I am beginning to think that maybe IT is not the place to try a new career if I cannot do this

Please advise :help me: