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Thread: good security or "hacking" chat room

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    good security or "hacking" chat room

    I am working on a fairly complex problem that I have several questions to and I'm sure the answers to these question will no doubt create other questions. I was thinking that a chat eviroment would be a good place where a few minutes of chat could replace a few weeks of post and reply on several diffenent forums.

    Does anyone know of a chat room? maybe irc or anything else. I am not a newbie and there is nothing i can find on the web that can lead me to far on my paticular problem.

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    As I suggested, activate your private messages option.

    First page, left hand side, edit site options (I think)

    I believe that you need it to be discreet?

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    A lot of AOers hang out on irc.unerror.com, too... Your questions can likely be answered by someone there... However, it depends on the types of questions you ask and, more importantly, how you present them... I mean, what is it that you wanna know??? And why?

    Anyway, maybe I'll see ya on Unerror...

    -Wiski C.

    [edit] oh - "lobby" is the main channel - thanks zencoder...
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    well, i dont know about AO's members

    but the GSO forums has an IRC channels

    irc.governmentsecurity.org #gso-chat

    when people are online, you may have to stay for a whole day to make sure you ask the question at the correct GMT for some of the people, but most people are happy to answer Q's
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    brm, you are posting in one of the most active discussion forums on the eniter net. So why you just don't post your questions and I'm pretty sure that you will get your questions answered within 24 hourse! {In case of good and clear questions that really trigger a reasonably good discussion}.

    Or just as nihil said ... PM ... Or even creat a Conference Rooms ... that might help though ...

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    Thanks guys, I will try these chat rooms.

    Black Cluster, I have started a post under the cryptography topic. It took a few posts to clarify what I was trying to do, but I hope it will turn up some answers.

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