Now I might not be anywhere near as all of you here. but im learning . Unfortunetly I still am learning html and then go on to python. Yes, I do like learning all the computer stuff. But one thing came to my mind. Now that is im going to learn well i don't want to be spoon-fed or anything (It's more fun if you learn it yourself) but maybe if i dont get something i can come here I am so glad that now it is very easy to learn and make these comunitties (thanks AntiOnline ) I'm 13 I heard thats a good age i guess. But you know what I used to think hackers where people who messed up my computer <sorry. I know no you people better and i hope I can make the hacker comunity a better one. In my view you have helped me alot and crackers just suck crakers make me now well I am a regular kid that likes to be on the computer looking around and discovering new things. I also am thinking to build my own computer from a systemax gaming computer here is the link >>This is it..< 0< now ok I hope you will soon accept me in your comunity and help me with my problems And well with the Systemax gaming computer please tell me if its a good computer and if i hould get any better parts money is usually not a problem.
Thanks For reading about me