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    Image Request

    Hey all

    I require someone with fairly good Graphic design skills to help me out.

    Im in the process of designing a website for a Political party here in Togo ( West Africa) and require someone to design me a logo .

    Ive attached a sample image below and what im thinking is for somebody to modify the image in the following ways.

    1. the political party is called Liberta , so id require the name of the party to be placed on the image / logo
    2. on the sample image im thinking "Togo" could be highlighted/outlined on the africa map.

    Alternatively if someone with design skills / imagination can design anything better then that would be great.

    Keeping in mind that the official colour of the party is " Green " and the party is a Togolese ( West african party)


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    there are a lot of programs that help you to desgin a nice logo ... just google it ...

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    Hi esi1,

    Unless things have changed dramatically since I was an active illustrator what you're asking for is a page header not a logo.

    A logo can be put in a page header but it is independant of it. A logo, when done right, is a multi-purpose marketing tool...that can be transferred to tee-shirts, caps, briefcases, etc...it is usually simple ( eg. nike, cotton, brooks ) as it is the most memorable and most functional of all logo designs.

    A page header used as a logo design would make a very ugly looking business card.

    I would advise you have a background image as your page header and incorporate your logo into it.


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