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    Question console redirection

    while for my MCSE 2003 70-293 which was about firmware based console redirection."What is firmware based console redirection?"

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    I don't think you will get as many replies as you might. This is not a "hardware" forum topic it probably belongs in "operating systems"

    That is what Microsoft has to say about it. Basically it allows remote management before the operating system loads.

    Try a google search for "console redirection" then search within results for "firmware". That will get you a lot of articles about it.

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    Heh, you really don't need google for this, you can really kind of figure it out just by reading the sentence... lets try this shall we?

    firmware based console redirection
    It's obviously some kind of program code based in the firmware calling for a console redirection
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    Guys since itself states that "FIRMWARE based console redirection" wherein firmware means bios and as for as my knowledge is concerned bios is a topic that comes in hardware and moreover question said that "firmware based console redirection was enabled" but nothing else related to this was given. Hey guys I found quite a few search results but i could'n get the exact and full information on this one. Any way thanks a lot for helping me out

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