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Thread: Dan--- Programing and languages<please Read>

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    Dan--- Programing and languages<please Read>

    What language to learn first? I know that it is a stupid quetion and u might get angry at me to ask but well I want to make sure. Now a started with other computer stuff earlier. But now i know that i want to be a hacker like you guys (girls too). I am learning HTML now because I thought thats best for me do you people agree?
    Well After I master it better I think I should learn about Python then Perl? But another stupid question is well Are these to later make a program for them, Well How long to get good at HTML then Python?
    This is only my second day here and I got plenty of those anti points thanks for exepting me as positive
    Two more question how long have you been learning computers and I geuss this is a statement &lt;sorry im only 13&gt; I dont want you to spoon feed me either the experiance and honor comes for teaching yourself and sharing your programs to people.Thank you ALL
    Dan Kot

    ~~~{EDIT} The other quetion I Just remembered was why do u like linux so much and how to use it with windows and where to get a free copy? thanks~~~

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    For programming languages, I would suggest learning C first. It is quite powerful, yet is also quite easy for the beginner. There are also a loot of good books available on the subject. Once you know C, other languages just fall into place. I'm sure somebody could recommend a good book to pick up the language with. It's been so long for me I can't really remember anymore. After learnming C, then yes, move on to higher level languages like Pythin or Perl, or C++.

    As for Linux, it's really a matter of choice. The arguments over whether or not it is better than windows run deep, and the topic has been covered millions of times. I certainly can't answer it in one post. In general, Linux is more powerful, and Windows is more user friendly. To use it with windows, you need to repartition your hard drive to allow enough space for it (say 10 gigs or so), and install it onto that partition. Most Linux distributions will then set up a bootloader for you to choose betweeen Windows and Linux. I would recommend Suse or Debian for a first experience with Linux. Between the two, you'll probably be able to find more help with Suse at this site.

    And Linux is free. It is distributed under the philosophy that all software should be free. It can be downloaded from the home page of whatever distribution you prefer.

    Hope this helps.
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