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Thread: Need help for Corporate AV Solution

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    Need help for Corporate AV Solution

    9 servers 120 users 1 exchange server. Who is the best Trendmicro or Norton?

    Please help

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    Well, I would not go for Norton, it is a resource hog and prone to conflicts.

    Trend Micro have blotted their copybook by releasing a pattern file that cost a lot of people a fair bit of time sorting out the mess it caused. They admit that they did not test it properly.

    Have you considered Kaspersky, AVG, Panda or McAfee?


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    I use GroupShield 6 for Exchange from McAfee. Running Exchange 2003 on a single server for about 500 users. I've been using GroupShield since version 4.5 on Exchange 5.5, and have been liking it all the way.

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    I agree with Nihil about Norton: resource hog PLUS it proxy's the service ports it protects which causes those ports to show as open when scanning your network...very frustrating.

    I have alot of experience with McAfee on clients and servers, and Antigen by Sybari on the Exchange servers - like them both. Antigen is very good...McAfee is OK but does tend to have performance issues at times.

    I dont have experience with Trend Micro but have heard good things about them on servers.

    One thing that I DONT recommend and that is to use the same product on all environments (clients, servers, email). I've personally found that there are real benefits to having the email servers on diff AV than clients: not all AV engines (re.; products) get their signatures updated at the same timeframe and you could be exposed longer if you have both on one AV product. This and defense in depth involves layers of protection.

    Hope this helped you.

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    AVG Enterprise Edition


    $1740 for 120 2 yr network licenses
    $120 for 10 2 yr file servers
    $1390 120 mailboxes, 2 yrs also

    Food for thought....
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    NOT SYMANTEC!!!!! I like mcafee and AVG
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    I used Sophos at my last job in a similarly sized organization. Very good at detecting viruses but the user interface for disinfection was a bit clumsy.

    We've got CA eTrust here. Seems ok.

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    I have had good success with fsecure, we have 3 servers and 60 workstations roughly, works well in mass updates and virus scans.
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    Okay I think that we are defeniatly going to go with Trendmicro on the clients, it is what we currently have OfficeScan 5. We would stay with it, but they are stopping all updates for it in a couple of months. We will probably stick with MailScan by Trendmicro as well. But what is a good server side AV?

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    We have been using Symantec for quite some time for about 1200 servers and over 10,000 workstations with only the resource issue - when scanning - to be the pinching point. What other resource issues have others run into with Symantec? Will have to ask if they (client services admins) considered AVG.

    We also use McAfee for some Unix variant servers, which works pretty slick in terms of getting updates and scanning the boxes.

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