Just a little word of advice for this site, instead of making mulitple, little posts, go back and edit and add on to a previous post. I'm just letting you know this because there are some here that will jump on you for making numerous posts that aren't saying too much. You're new here, I know, but I'm just letting you know this to keep others off your back who might not care whether you are new or not.

Anyway, what OS are you using, anyway? If you are using XP, and can't get into safe mode by pressing F5 or F8 (I know how frustrating it can be to try to get in that way, trust me), when your box boots up and it holds on the "Windows XP" logo, press and hold the power off button until your computer shuts off, then power back up. When your computer powers back up you should be taken to a screen that give you the option "Safe Mode" among a couple other options. Select safe mode by using the arrow up/down keys and press enter. Scan. When you want to get out of safe mode, just simply restart.

I know, I know, killing the power like that probably isn't the best thing for your box, but if it wasn't for someone cluing me in on that, I would probably still be here to this day restarting and pressing F8.

But I suggest posting your HighjackThis files here, as you posted your previous log, and have someone with some expertise take a look at it and tell you what you do or do not need to remove. As is stated here quite frequently when this sort of thing comes up, you can do serious damage by deleting the wrong item. And I have used other sites, such as Help2Go, crossing it with another similiar site, to determine what I needed to remove, and have gotten mixed results from both. So it's best to post the log here and someone will give you the correct information of what to remove.